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"I've reinvented the humble oat!"

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How to make a 30g protein breakfast in 60 seconds!

The Story of Todd's Power Oats

For over 10 years I have been on a quest for the perfect breakfast: High protein.  Lots of fiber.  Convenient.  Simple ingredients.  After trying all the alternatives out there, I decided I could do it better myself.  The result is Todd's Power Oats.  I have seriously upgraded the humble oat (which I like for its cholesterol-busting fiber) by adding whey protein (keeps you full and builds muscle), flax seeds (great Omega 3 oils), chia seeds (more protein + antioxidants) and other tasty stuff like 51% cacao chocolate.  It's a breakfast like you've never seen.  Just add 1/2 cup of almond milk to the container before you go to bed and let it "cold-brew" in the fridge while you sleep!  In the morning you have a ready-to-eat breakfast that packs 30 g of protein with 12 g of fiber in a portable container you can take anywhere.   All that protein and fiber gives you steady energy to get you through to lunch feeling energized and in control of your eating.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

--Todd McGuire, Creator of Todd's Power Oats

Reinventing the Humble Oat



Customer Reviews

Perfect breakfast!

I am a workout addict and was in need of a healthy, nutritional packed breakfast and these overnight oats are PERFECT! I had more energy during my workout and sustained my energy throughout the day! Buying more now!

Kelly P.

Nailed it!

Love the overnight concept as I can enjoy it in the morning as I run out the door. It also has enough substance to keep me from getting hungry by lunchtime compared to other oatmeals. Extra bonus in that it tastes great!

Ian B.

OMG! Soooo Good! 

I’ll preface by saying that I have always hated anything in the oatmeal family. So when my wife got me to try Todd’s Oats, I was trying to be a good husband, knowing I wouldn’t like them. Boy was I wrong! They were delicious! With every spoonful, I would marvel at the fact that I was eating something I knew was healthy for me that was also tasty as can be! I’m hooked! I can’t recommend them enough!

Chris Basler

30 g Protein!

30 grams of protein in every container.   Rebuilds muscle and keeps you full longer.


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