About Todd's Power Oats


Todd McGuireHi I'm Todd McGuire, creator of Todd's Power Oats.  My mission is to transform normal food in to superfood!  You're probably a lot like me.  You’re passionate about your health. You make exercise a priority. You know breakfast is crucial...setting the tone for how energized you’ll feel today.  So you look for a healthy breakfast that checks all the boxes:


Benefits of Todd's Power Oats
  • High protein to build muscle and keep you feeling full longer
  • High fiber reduce cholesterol and aid digestive health
  • Low glycemic load that provides steady energy 
  • Rich in omega-3 oils 
  • High in antioxidants
  • Convenient 
  • Simple prep and no cleanup 
  • Portable for when you’re on the go

Well you've found the answer.  Todd’s Power Oats was made for you, health warrior.  

Disappointed with other breakfast options on the market, I created my high protein oats to be the perfect breakfast by packing it with superfoods like whole grain oats, whey protein, flax seeds, chia seeds, and almonds. I’ve honed the formula over the past decade by sharing samples with friends on ski trips here in Colorado.  I’ve even recruited my kids as "beta tasters" whenever I get the chance, tweaking the recipe to please even the youngest of taste buds.

(Here's a picture of me and my kids doing our annual Turkey Trot run.  I try to make healthy eating and active living a family affair!)

To save time during my hectic mornings, I soak my oats overnight and then enjoy them cold 
right out of the refrigerator after my morning workout.  
I usually grab a handful of blueberries and throw them on top.  It’s the perfect cool down after working up a sweat.  How about you? How do you like your Power Oats? I would be extremely grateful for any feedback you have to make the product even more useful. Please contact me by email at Todd@ToddsPowerOats.com or call 303-351-1726. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does!

Be good to yourself!

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p.s.  Thank you for supporting small business.  Every purchase of my small-batch, artisanal oatmeal supports a made-in-Colorado independent health food company.