6 surprising health benefits of oatmeal

Do you know all of the superpowers of the humble oat?

Oatmeal is a powerhouse when it comes to your health.  Here are 6 surprising ways adding oatmeal to your routine can help turn your breakfast into the healthiest meal of your day.  Read on to see just how good helpful these oats can be.

Health benefits of oatmeal


1. Oats Are a Nutrition Powerhouse
Research funded by the USDA has identified 12 health benefits associated with oatmeal. Rolled oats contain a well-balanced variety of vitamins and minerals, including
✅ Vitamin B6
✅ Vitamin B12
✅ Folate
✅ Iron
✅ Calcium
✅ Potassium
✅ Magnesium

2. Oats Contain Fiber
Oats, especially old fashioned "slow cook" oats contain powerful fiber.  1/2 cup of oats contains 4 grams of fiber, including 2 grams of soluble fiber.  Check out the full nutrition profile of oatmeal here.


3. Oats Can Help Lower Your Cholesterol
According to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the soluble fiber in oats (called beta-glucan) can help lower LDL cholesterol, sometimes called the "bad cholesterol."  It can also lower your total cholesterol.

4. Oats Can Help Control Blood Sugar
1 in 3 adults in the U.S. have prediabetes, which means that you have higher than normal blood sugar level.  Left unchecked, this can lead to type 2 diabetes.  The good news is that the fiber in oats can help control blood sugar levels.

5. Oats Can Help with Reduce Inflammation
Oats may also help reduce inflammation.  Research has found that the beta-glucan dietary fiber in oats can help reduce the stress and inflammation that can occur with exercise.  This is great news if you're trying to stay active as part of a healthy lifestyle.

6. Oats Help You Feel Full Longer...and May Help You Lose Weight
Researchers have found that the fiber in oats can lead you to feel full longer, and help you manage how much you eat later in the day.  

Oatmeal is good, but I've made it great.  I have reinvented the humble oat and transformed it into a superhero of nutrition by blending it with even more protein, fiber, and omega-3 superstars like chia and flax seeds.  If you haven't experienced what a high-protein breakfast built around the steady energy of oatmeal feels like, please give it a try.  You'll be surprised at how good the right breakfast can feel.

Be good to yourself!

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