Can oatmeal help you lose, or maintain, weight? It does for me!


I have been eating the same thing for breakfast for the past 15 years, and I'm convinced that it has helped me maintain a healthy weight over that period.  Now there is no SINGLE thing that can take credit for my weight management journey, because long term health requires equal measures of healthy eating, active living, and downtime to manage all of life's stresses. 

But I have discovered that eating a high-protein, high fiber breakfast MOST days of the week has been a key secret to managing my weight.  The combination of protein and fiber delivers steady energy over several hours, instead of the usual energy spike and crash I get when I eat the opposite type of breakfast (bagel, cereal, pancakes...I'm looking at you).  And that steady energy gives me the strength to resist the unhealthy temptations that lurk everywhere.  I even eat a healthier lunch on the days when I have my high-protein overnight oats for breakfast.  It's like I'm more in control of my appetite and thus my food decisions later in the day, because the steady energy release of the oats + protein keeps my hunger in check for hours.  

Try paying attention to what you eat for breakfast tomorrow, and how it makes you feel a few hours later.  Do you feel energized by your first meal of the day, or do you feel drained and irritable and find yourself snacking on things you know aren't good for you.  The days I eat Todd's Power Oats for breakfast, I'm more likely to have a salad for lunch.  When I eat something unhealthy for breakfast like a bowl of cereal, then I'm more prone to eat an entire 1,300 calorie burrito (Chipotle, I'm thinking of you!) when lunch rolls around.  And then I regret eating it all and want to take a nap.  It's like one good decision leads to another.  And unfortunately the reverse is true too, where a bad breakfast choice can lead to an unhealthy lunch decision!

For me and my long term journey to live my healthiest life, I'm convinced that a high-fiber, high-protein breakfast is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  There are many ways to get there (I used to make a lot of veggie omelettes and protein smoothies but got tired of all the clean up), but the convenience of making a powerhouse healthy breakfast in under 60 seconds is hard to beat.

Fuel your day!


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