Can your cereal do this?

Raisin Bran vs. High Protein Overnight Oats

I hate it when I'm in a hurry in the morning (i.e. every morning!) and in desperation, I grab for a box of cereal. I always have a better day when I open my fridge and see a bowl of Todd's Power Oats waiting for me!

For comparison, take a look at how you can upgrade your nutrition by swapping a bowl of raisin bran for a bowl of Todd's Power Oats Cinnamon Raisin Crunch. Both have raisins, but the similarities stop there. My high protein overnight oats pack way more protein (26 grams more!), almost double the fiber, and just a quarter of the sodium. You're welcome!

And it takes just 60 seconds to prep before you go to bed (just stir in milk and put in the fridge), so you can wake up with a smart breakfast decision already made. (And there's no clean up...just drop the empty container in the recycling bin after you scrape the last bit of peanut butter goodness from the bottom!)

-Be good to your self!


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