Peanut butter and banana oats...a match made in heaven!

One of my customers from Boulder Colorado just wrote in saying that he put some sliced banana in his Peanut Butter Monster high protein overnight oats and he loved it!    It reminded me of my favorite lunch sandwich growing up: peanut and banana on whole wheat bread (I was a health nut even as a kid!)

I've long been using blueberries on top of my oats, and it's great.  I love the brightness of the fruit, and the extra antioxidants in the blueberries make Todd's Power Oats even more powerful!  I usually buy the big carton of blueberries and then freeze them since I can't eat them all before they start to go bad.  I just put them in a plastic cup in the freezer and then nuke them for a 20 seconds before putting them on top of my oats in the morning.  (I also put a splash of oat milk on top as well.)  The Deep Chocolate flavor pairs surprisingly well with the blueberries.

So this week I saw some bananas that were getting a bit too ripe on the counter.  I knew wasn't going to fall for the "I'll just make banana bread" routine.  I've seen that movie before and it usually ends with a lot of fruit flies and a promise to eat them sooner next time.

I'm not going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe

So I tried putting the bananas on top of the Deep Chocolate oats instead of letting them die on the counter.  It was great!  A nice blast of sweetness to go along with the dark chocolate flavor of the oats.  I love blueberries, but I may switch to bananas for a while.

So how about you?  Have you come up with any fun additions to your overnight oats that have turned out well?  Please drop me a line...I'd love to hear about it!

--Be good to your self!


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