How does your family use Todd's Power Oats?

Please share your stories about how your family likes to use Todd's Power Oats!  I'd love to hear from you.  The next new flavor will come from health enthusiasts like you! 

I'll share my story first.  I eat Todd's Power Oats for breakfast Monday through Thursday.  Each night before bed, I pour a half of a cup of almond milk into my oats, stir it up, and then put it back in the fridge.  In the morning, I always work out before breakfast (and before the rest of my family wakes up).  After these early morning workouts, I'm usually hot and sweaty, and not in the mood for a hot breakfast.  So my cold-cooked oats are waiting for me in the fridge.  I usually throw in a scoop of whatever fresh fruit I can find (typically blueberries...another powerful antioxidant!)  Then I put a splash of almond milk on top to brighten things up.  

Even after a intense workout, I find that the unique high protein/high fiber oatmeal formula I've come up with keeps me fueled all morning long.  So when lunch comes around, I'm not ravenous and starving for the first thing I see.  Instead, I'm more likely to follow my good breakfast decision with a good lunch decision.  And the same for dinner.  This helps me stay on track and eat clean and healthy all week long.  Or at least until Friday!

Eat healthy!




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