Why did Steve Jobs always wear a black turtle neck?

How is the start to your typical day?  I like to get up early because it's the only time when there isn't a kid/spouse/client/telemarketer needing something from me.  But even then, there's always the dog waiting for his morning walk.  

That's when I realized that having one less decision to make in the morning is one of the secrets to long term health.  Instead of wasting time running around the kitchen looking for a healthy breakfast, I can start my morning with the confidence that no matter how crazy my day ahead may get, I'm guaranteed to have a nutritionally perfect breakfast every morning.  My go-to breakfast used to be a veggie and egg white omelette, or a protein smoothie.  They were nutritionally sound, but I got tired of making them and cleaning up the mess.  That's when I started making Todd's Power Oats as a simpler way to get high protein and fiber without all the cleanup.

At first it seemed boring to eat the same thing every morning.  

But now it feels like I've cracked the Da Vinci Code of healthy breakfast and I don't have to spend a drop of my attention on it anymore.  Like Steve Jobs wearing the same black turtle neck to work while he put his energy on bigger things like inventing the iPhone!

In my case, I'm not inventing the ultimate pocket-sized distraction device (I'm looking at you smartphone), I'm just trying to spend more of my finite energy on my family, friends and career.

Speaking of family, everyone in my house is still sleeping.  Except for one furry friend.  Time to go walk Ranger!

Be good to your self!

Todd McGuire,

Founder, Todd's Power Oats

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